Dental Ergonomics Certificate from DentalErgo

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Dentalergo Seal tells your customers that your products are ergonomic

DentalErgo Certificate, Dental Ergonomics Certificate


The ergonomic product stamp issued by DentalErgo was created to provide dental professionals with the full commitment of companies to develop products that ensure the health of users.

This certificate meets the ergonomic-requirements-for-dental-equipment which are also examined by our technical committee, made of a group of multidisciplinary professionals around the world.

Benefit for the companies:

  • The DentalErgo certificate differentiates your products from the competitors.
  • The DentalErgo certificate is a valuable tool to attract new customers.
  • The DentalErgo certificate offers a new added value.
  • The DentalErgo certificate creates loyal and grateful consumers.


To be ergonomically friendly is not the future, it is the reality for 70% of dental professionals who suffer from pain and want to improve theirs life. You and your company can make a difference for them.

Enjoy your dental life!!!!



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